Helping Empower Local People (HELP) is a free local system that matches people in Greenhithe needing help to local volunteers offering help.

Sign up to receive help or offer help by clicking on the blue HELP registration button on the right of this page.

A Neighbourhood Support facilitator will match the person needing help with a suitable volunteer from the database and ask the volunteer to call them.

We plan to get back to you within one working day to begin the matching process.

Feedback will be sought from both parties. This is for quality control.

Physical distancing is important. Please do not volunteer to help if you have a cough or a fever. Please don’t be offended by physical distancing.

Examples of potential helping:

Picking up and dropping off items like groceries, medications.

Transport to a doctor’s appointment

Walking the dog

Being available to take a phone call from an anxious person.

Help with computer technology to help people get connected online.

What our facilitator will do – keep personal information strictly private. Act as an initial liaison between a helper and a person needing help. You can contact the HELP facilitator on –

What our facilitator won’t do –

Be involved with discussion about payment. This is volunteerism.

We wont provide advice, especially medical advice.

We wont be responsible for safety. Parents are unwise to ask people they don’t know to mind or transport their children.

People asking for help need to have reasonable expectations of what a volunteer can do. Otherwise when the Level 4 alert is over, consider giving a young person a paid job (see our GYEP page).

For further information about Neighbourhood Support in Greenhithe or to find out who your street contact is, email