Kia ora Greenhithe

As usual Greenhithe is having up to 5 crimes reported weekly, usually letter box thefts, vehicle thefts and sometimes burglaries. Sign up to Greenhithe Neighborhood Support if want to see the local statistics.

For a list of stolen vehicles in our area please check out

Here are the numbers to call if anything suspicious is seen – call 111 if crime is happening now. Cal 105 if it has already happened.

During the winter months, as conditions change, you’ll need to adjust your driving to keep safe.

Here are some top tips-

-Adjust your speed to suit the conditions—when icy or snowy, drive slower than you normally would to reduce the risk of losing control or skidding.

-Be seen—use your headlights in rainy, icy, snowy and dark conditions.

-Increase your following distance during poor weather such as rain, hail, snow and fog—it takes longer to stop on slippery roads.

-Always check the weather and road conditions before you head out.

Nga mihi, Troy

(this information was put together by Suzanne with my permission, thanks Suzanne!)