Good news – thanks to the popularity of our emailed Neighbourhood Support newsletter and the absence of a printed local magazine the past few years, Greenhithe Community Trust has decided to launch Greenhithe’s very own boutique magazine. Hooray! It is  called Greenhithe Life. This not-for-profit adventure is designed to benefit Greenhithe Community – you!

The first edition of Greenhithe Life came out in October and was well received. 1500 magazine’s were dropped off at key locations around wider Greenhithe – the dairy, Collins Cafe, Greenhithe Primary, Upper Harbour Primary and the Highway Convenience Store. It will be produced every two months and will generally feature interesting stories about locals and events that have happened. You can view it here –

Plus the regular emailed Neighbourhood Support newsletter has been rebranded to be complimentary and is now called Greenhithe E Life. It will be produced on alternate months to the magazine and will generally feature articles and events coming up.

So if you have stories of interest or want to promote community events or regular groups, please contact our Greenhithe Life Facilitator Shelly at

If you would like to place an advert about your local business, please also contact Shelly. We cant do this magazine without our local businesses buying advertsing. And thank you Greenhithe for supporting local businesses!