Sun nin fai lok Greenhithe, Happy Lunar New Year

Greenhithe had its usual January issues of dishonesty crime, mostly theft from cars and burglary.  Please report suspicious activity. Here are the numbers to call if anything suspicious is seen – call 111 if crime is happening now. Call 105 if it has already happened or call me on 0211914227.

Join Neighbourhood Support. Domestic violence is not ok. Get help.

Thank you for getting your boosters, wearing masks in public, washing hands and using the covid tracer app. We will get through this.

The internet is an important source of information and means of social interaction, but it pays to keep in mind it can also present dangers, including online fraud, scams, bullying and abuse.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

On social media, read through the privacy options carefully, set your profile to private, and don’t post personal information online

Only give personal information to trusted people or organisations

Never reply to a scam message, even if you’re curious

Install a security program on your computer and set strong passwords

Be cautious when using public WiFi networks

Be mindful of what software you download and what permissions you grant to applications

For child online safety:

Know who your child is making contact with online.

Know which social networking sites your child is on and what information they are posting.

Talk to your child about the dangers of posting personal information online.

If you or your child become suspicious about a person online, stop contact immediately.

For more information, see our Be Safe, Feel Safe booklet:

Nga mihi, Troy Williamson
Troy Williamson, TWW917, Greenhithe/North Harbour Community Constable
on 021 191 4227 or

(this information was put together by Marie with my permission, thanks Marie!)