Here we are back in Level 4

We have woken up to Level 4. We have done this before, and we can do it again – kia kaha everyone! While on Level 4 Alert  we all need to stay mostly home. Please only leave your property to exercise locally, shop for essential items, or attend essential jobs. Avoid physical contact with those outside your isolation bubble. All the local clubs and halls and churches are closed for at least a week

Over the next week we can expect to hear children playing and see many people out walking and biking and all keeping a safe 2 metre distance. Please don’t walk in the middle of the road.  Our pets will be so happy to have us home. The postings on Greenhithe Community Facebook Group are generally uplifting and encouraging with neighbours offering help and entertainment. We are a resourceful lot!

But of course, a lot of people around here really struggle too.

You may be entitled to a wage subsidy.  Contact me if you need a food voucher.

Helping Empower Local People (HELP) is a free online matching system set up by Greenhithe Community Trust.  It matches isolated people needing help to local volunteers offering help during the lock down. In other languages too. Thank you so much to all the people who have already signed up to HELP. Please do a regular friendly check on your neighbours if they are in isolation alone, even just a text or wave. And let them know about HELP.

Thank you to all those Street Contacts who updated their street databases. We appreciate you! It is important that people who are older, new, have special needs, or who are trapped in violent households are assisted in basic ways. Remember some people were born before the digital age and some people don’t speak English. If you have not heard from your Street Contact recently please let me know, so that I can check that you are correctly listed.

Some people become extremely anxious, and anxiety causes its own health problems. Here are some useful tips on managing anxiety.

Jamit advises the Greenhithe Village Store is open 8am to 7pm daily and there are frozen meat supplies.  Many people are shopping online but the system gets overloaded, so patience is needed.

Sam advises that the local Unichem pharmacy is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 2 pm.

The local medical centre is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and please phone ahead. The local urgent care centres have transformed their systems, and everyone is working hard to keep people safe. Sick people often get seen in their cars so that well people with needs such as injuries can feel safe in the practice.

Pinnakin advises that you can make liquor orders  at home deliveries are possible. Provide your name, address, DOB, phone, order and ID in the email.

A message from Greenhithe School Principal – the entire school site is closed. Please be vigilant if you are walking past. No one should be there. Please call 111 if you see property damage happening or 105 to report loitering.

Check out Outbox link for ideas on good cloud software to work remotely.

There are multiple ideas out there to keep the children entertained!

Sadly covid vaccines are on pause the next two days. Delta is more contagious and more dangerous than earlier strains. Please get your vaccine as soon as you can. You can still catch covid while vaccinated but huge robust studies show that it protects you from serious illness in 95% of cases. We won’t get out of the golden cage of NZ until probably 90% of adults are vaccinated. It is important to stick with science.

Environmental care is essential to our native species! Volunteers are not currently allowed in the reserves but we can still do backyard pest control and feed the birds and grow things. Get tips here. 

Always remember to be vigilant, lockup and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Feel free to email me information that may be useful to Greenhithe Community.

Keep safe and spread Caretagion not Contagion!

Aroha nui

Marie Bishop
Neighbourhood Support Facilitator