We’re sure last Friday’s Tsunami activity got a lot of us thinking ‘what would I do if there was a tsunami?’.

Tsunami waves are a very real hazard for Auckland’s coastlines. The seismically-active Kermadec area is a significant risk to us because an earthquake, volcanic eruption or underwater landslide could generate a tsunami that would arrive on our shores very quickly and potentially ahead of any official warning.

Auckland has three tsunami evacuation zones and you can use our interactive map to see if your home, work place or school is in one of these zones. If they are, then it’s important to have a plan – know where to go if you are required to evacuate and have a bag with some water, food, walking shoes and a jacket or fleece handy. Pick a place outside of the evacuation zones that is familiar to you and your whānau that you can get to on foot. We recommend practising your tsunami evacuation route, so if you are required to evacuate, you know you’ve got this!