Community groups are organizing a series of political debates across the Upper Harbour Electorate to ask candidates and political parties for their view on local political issues. So pick an event or two to attend and be informed!

5pm Sunday 20th September, Greenhithe Hall: BUSINESS (note date change thanks to lockdown)

Business in Upper Harbour is successful; but we are not immune to shocks and crises. What can the government do to make businesses more resilient? 

7:30pm Tuesday 1st September (date might change), Meadowood Community House: EDUCATION

We are very proud of the quality of our Schools in Upper Harbour and surrounding electorates; but they are coming under pressure because of housing growth. Recently both Albany Primary and Hobsonville Point Primary have had to make unpopular changes to their enrollment zones. What will investment in education in Upper Harbour look like in the future? 

6:30pm Sunday 6th September (date might change), Bayview Community Centre: ENVIRONMENT

Looking after our Urban Ecology presents specific challenges; especially in an area like Upper Harbour. We are defined by our relationship with the harbour, we are the link between the Waikatere Ranges and Hauraki Golf in the North West Wildlink, and communities like Bayview and Greenhithe have some of the highest urban tree cover in Auckland. Yet we are also in a high growth area. Can we protect and enhance biodiversity in our area in the face of growth and climate crisis?

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