Learning about Sacrifice

We are in interesting times! New Zealanders by and large find themselves embracing the value that is highlighted in this important season of the Christian calendar and our National calendar. The profound value and theme of ‘sacrifice’ resounds out at Easter and Anzac Day. In a scripture that encourages us to have the same mindset that Christ did (Philippians 2:3) it says ‘in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.’ 

Lockdown fatigue and stir craziness is setting in, longing for post lockdown ‘resurrection.’ We find ourselves needing to re-affirm in our minds that the sacrifice of our normal freedoms and finances are worth it, in the interests of others, to save lives from the scourge of Covid -19. We don’t really have a choice right now, but what a great quality and principle to learn for both children and adults! Personal sacrifice for others is a ‘gain,’ it can save a life, it can advance a cause. In fact it can save our lives as well, from preoccupation with our ourselves.

The men and women, who served in both Great wars were prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice, for the interests of others, to save lives and secure a future for their country, community and families. Sacrifice ultimately brings life and gain.

Frontline health professionals and workers are knowingly putting themselves in harm’s way. Especially in countries where the virus outbreak is rampant such as Italy and Spain and the USA, where the fight against Covid 19 is being described as a ‘war.’

In the UK and now catching on in other countries is the practice of clapping those workers at 7pm each evening, as a way of acknowledging their bravery and sacrifice.

Sacrifice does ultimately bring life. That’s the profound spiritual theme and lesson of Good Friday and Easter resurrection Sunday. Jesus went willingly into a frontline battle of life and death. Then, at great cost, came through both securing and showing us that fullness of life after death, including in the here and now, is available through Him!  That’s why on Easter Sunday worshippers will be clapping their hands too, for his courageous sacrifice!