Hi Greenhithe

I trust you all had a great break over the xmas/new year period. Crime over the last few months has been relatively low which is fantastic however the odd burglary and theft from car are still occurring so please remember to ensure your house and vehicles are secure.

Roadworks are now by the school so let’s keep our speed down to the temporary posted speed limit and watch out for our precious children.

If you don’t already please follow the North Shore, Rodney, West Auckland Facebook page for up to date crime trends and helpful information such as

Do you know about the 9 P.M.Routine ???

The 9pm routine encourages people to conduct security checks in their homes and vehicles each evening to ensure their property is secure.

Participating in the 9 P.M. Routine is EASY ! Here is how !

Set a reminder and at 9 P.M. each evening, ensure the following tasks have been completed:

Vehicles, residences, garages, windows, gates, sheds have been locked
Exterior lights, security cameras, alarm systems have been activated
Valuables from vehicles (including keys), yards, patios have been brought inside



Stay safe and enjoy our beautiful summer

Regards, Troy