Neighbourhood Support’s National Campaign for November -It’s not ok

Every 5 minutes…
That’s how often Police respond to an incident of family violence here in New Zealand. On average, that’s 41% of a front line officer’s time spent handling these call outs.

With the highest rate of reported violence towards women in a developed nation, about half of all homicides in our country are committed by an offender who is identified as a family member, and 76% of family violence incidents are NOT reported to Police in the first place – the statistics are clear, we need to do better.

So what can we do about it? This month we want to stand up for moving the needle towards a more compassionate Aotearoa for all.

From sharing relevant resources and information with neighbours, to speaking out against violence in our neighbourhoods  – every voice speaking out against violence helps make a difference.

Making our communities safer for all,

The NSNZ National Office Team