Greenhithe Community Trust has received a grant from Upper Harbour Local Board to purchase Greenhithe community’s first public defibrillator! It is now on the outside wall at the Greenhithe Fire Station at 5 Greenhithe Road.

A free community defibrillator training course is on Saturday morning Feb 22 from 10am to 11:30am. 15 people will be trained by a professional to use the defibrillator and perform CPR on manikins. If you have a family member or friend in Greenhithe with a heart condition, you need to consider this training.  Please rsvp to book with Amanda on

Consider signing up to the GoodSAM app to receive notification of a cardiac arrest in the immediate vicinity and use modern technology to save lives.

On the topic of safety, emergencies happen anytime, anywhere, and it is up to you to be ready. Here are some helpful tips

Have you signed up to Greenhithe Neighbourhood Support to receive the monthly email including the latest Police crime map of Greenhithe?  We encourage everyone in Greenhithe to sign up! Just contact me to sign up or find out who your Street Contact is.

And of course, we all know that being neighbourly is as simple as smiling, waving, and chatting over the fence.

Best Regards


Marie Bishop
Greenhithe Neighbourhood Support Facilitator

Call 105 to report a crime that has occurred.

Call 111 for an emergency.

Text *555 to report a road incident or unsafe driver.

Troy Williamson is our local policeman. Text him on 021 191 4227
If you want to join the community patrols email
There is now a patrol that covers Greenhithe.