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Love is in the air this month! And no, not just Valentine’s Day … we’re talking about Neighborhood Support New Zealand’s national campaign ‘Love Where You Live’. February is all about finding ways to show our community a little extra love and care.  It is wonderful to see neighbours helping neighbours and street BBQs and fun gatherings like the Lantern Festival. There are so many ways that so many people make Greenhithe that much more enjoyable for everyone.

Every street in Greenhithe is encouraged to gather together for a street BBQ over summer. The purpose is to have fun getting to know your neighbours. How about also discussing Neighbourhood Support, Civil Defence and a street or beach cleanup?

The first 15 streets to sign up receive a $50 Simply Fresh voucher to go toward the event (serviettes, tomato sauce, paper plates etc).

Each street (or part of street for those long streets) can pick a time from Nov 1 2019 to March 31 2020. Then it can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be! eg meet in a culdesac or empty section and the odd numbers bring a dessert, the even numbers bring a salad and everyone brings their own meat and drink. EASY PEASY!

So step up and be the coordinator for your street and get the ball rolling…Mad Butcher vouchers are available from The Hope Shed at 12 Greenhithe Road on Saturday mornings.

How about a street/gully/beach cleanup? (Pick a date to clean up litter and weeds)
Help your neighbour in their garden? Share plants?
Plant some veges, inspire a child?
Do some composting? Think about sustainable living?
Trap some pests?

If you would like to get more involved in Neighborhood Support, you could contact Marie Bishop on marie@greenhithecommunitytrust.org.nz

If you would like you get more involved in environmental care you could contact the Greenhithe Eco Facilitator on nicola@greenhithecommunitytrust.org.nz