This free service matches students needing paid work to locals looking for jobs to be done. 

How it works: sign up through the green registration button on this page. 

  • our youth facilitator will liaise between potential local employers and willing young people.
  • Young people (aged 14 to 22) register to be part of GYEP by filling in the registration form. This includes their contact details, parent’s contact details for students under 18 and asks students what skills they have.
  • Local employers register with details of the work they need assistance with and their contact details. The facilitator finds a suitable student from their database and asks the student to make contact with the employer. The facilitator lets the employer know that a student will be calling. The student’s details are not given to the employer.
  • We plan to get back to you within one working day to begin the matching process.
  • Students are equipped with information about tax.
  • Feedback will be sort from both parties.

 Examples of potential jobs:

  • Babysitting
  • Lawn mowing and garden work
  • Property maintenance
  • House cleaning
  • Tutoring
  • Feeding pets and walking dogs
  • Stacking firewood
  • Helping to list items for sale on Trademe
  • Computer work

 What our facilitator will do – keep personal information strictly private. Act as a liaison between student workers and employers. You can contact the facilitator on –  

What our facilitator won’t do – be involved with discussion about payment. (The minimum rate for starting out youth in NZ is $16 per hour.) We wont be responsible for safety. Parents need to be aware of where their young people are. Employers need to have reasonable expectations of what a student is capable of doing, given their age and experience.