Live lightly is a website that provides ideas on how we can all save money, care for our environment and have a healthier life.  It helps to connect the wider community by sharing initiatives between numerous stakeholders.

The Our Auckland website run by Auckland Council provides information on news and events happening around Auckland.

And how to book an inorganic collection.

The Kaipatiki Project is full of wonderful environmental ideas.

Join the Urban Rat Project to have a rat free home, protect the environment and support research. 

The Weed busters website provides information on weeds and how to get rid off them.

Landcare Research provides a wealth of information on NZ plants, animals, fungi and also helps to co-ordinate the annual NZ Garden Bird Survey which is held in June each year.

Nature space helps to connect communities working on restoration and conservation projects.

Compost collective regular come to Greenhithe to hold workshops on worm farms, bokashi and composting.

TE ARA The Encyclopedia of New Zealand has a wealth of information on what can be found in our bush.

Here are the gas traps we are placing into Oruamo/Hellyers Creek forest.