Off Beats Youth Musical Festival 2014

Off Beats is Upper Harbour’s very own annual youth music festival, coordinated by the Upper Harbour Youth Caucus: a collection of young leaders who run community events and act as an intermediary between the local council and the youth body of North Shore, Auckland.

Through Reuben – our local youth facilitator – the Greenhithe Community Trust has become involved in the group, in particular in the facilitation of Off Beats.

The music festival is multi-faceted in it’s endeavours. Not only does it provide young musicians and opportunity to get valuable performance experience and exposure, it is great training for the young leaders of the region in event management/planning. It is a festival thought of by youth, managed by youth, for youth.

Here’s the link to the Off-Beats 2015 video. Enjoy!

This event is brought to you by Greenhithe Community Trust in association with Albany House, Auckland Council, Creative NZ Communities, Upper Harbour Youth Caucus and Zeal.