Every street in Greenhithe is encouraged to gather together for a street BBQ over summer. The purpose is to have fun getting to know your neighbours.

The first 20 streets to sign up receive a $50 Simply Fresh voucher to go toward the event (serviettes, tomato sauce, paper plates etc).

Each street (or part of street for those long streets) can pick a time from October to March. Then it can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be! eg meet in a culdesac or empty section and the odd numbers bring a dessert, the even numbers bring a salad and everyone brings their own meat and drink. EASY PEASY!

So get the ball rolling by picking up a Simply Fresh voucher from marie@greenhitheommunitytrust.org.nz

Here are 3 cool things you could discuss at your street BBQ-
1. Neighbourhood Support – do you know your immediate neighbors and know how to contact them if there was an emergency?
2. Civil Defence – have you got a simple family plan and a simple home disaster kit and do you know the local resources around you (water tanks, chain saws)
3. Love Your Environment – How about a street/gully/beach cleanup? (Pick a date to clean up litter and weeds) Plant some natives?

Help your neighbour in their garden? Share plants?
Plant some veges, inspire a child?
Do some composting? Think about sustainable living?
Trap some pests?

If you would like to get more involved in Neighborhood Support, you could contact Suzanne on gctsuzanne@gmail.com

If you would like you get more involved in environmental care you could contact Nicola the Greenhithe Eco Facilitator on gctnicola@gmail.com

View more info here … and view web page here