A Transpower Grant Triggers a Pest Control Revolution in Greenhithe

A large grant to GCT from Transpower’s Community Care Fund has given a major boost to community pest control efforts in Oruamo/Hellyers Creek. The 140 hectares of beautiful native forest which is half private and half public has been labelled a high priority area in the North West Wild Life Link Prioritisation report. The fund will provide 250 Goodnature self-resetting traps powered by a gas cannister that are great for the steep difficult terrain. Richard Chambers has been engaged though a Lotteries Environmental grant to manage the project.

The reserves have historically had very little pest control but community groups are now trapping rats and possums in two of the reserves. The gas traps will supplement this work.

GCT is keen to include community volunteers in the pest control project so Richard is taking time to meet those who are keen and plan how to make the most of the project. The first traps are ready to go out. The gas traps will be particularly useful in the steep inaccessible parts of the forest.

The existing Neighbourhood Support network dovetails well with this community environmental work. The same street groups which help residents create a secure and friendly place to live also provide a good network to set up community pest control.

Richard Chambers is leading the gas trap installations for 2018. And he is building a long term volunteer network that will manage the traps into the future. His pest control expertise is also now being put to use in other parts of Greenhithe. The community is on the brink of its first ever coordinated pest control effort.

Upper Harbour Local Board, Kaipatiki Local Board and the North West Mana Whenua Engagement Forum have given their blessings to the project.

Greenhithe Community Trust is very grateful to Transpower for this generous environmental grant. And to the NZ Lottery Board.

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